A Whole New Working World—Post Pandemic Trends in Office Space

“We’re looking for spaces that are very open and filled with light to evoke a feeling of safety, and cleanliness." Dani Arps

Heading into the infamous shut down of March 2020, it was impossible to predict how the commercial real estate market would re-emerge. Who would be going back into the office and when? What will employers’ space requirements look like? How is the contemporary view of office life and culture going to change? A keen understanding of their clients’ needs, loads of industry insight, and the benefit of forward-thinking has certainly firmed up Artisan Alliance’s plan for the future and helped to identify key trends pertinent to finding, designing, and building the ideal post-pandemic workplace:

“An abundance of natural light is at the top of most of our clients’ “wish lists” when we’re touring buildings. It can transform the look and feel of a space while enhancing the design it illuminates. Light plays a key role in creating an environment that is warm and at the same time inviting; the type of welcoming environments we like to deliver.” – Sarah Pontius

Focus on Health and Wellness

Evidence shows that employees have found a renewed interest in their wellness journeys over the last year and a half—the need for natural light and open spaces has topped the list of must-haves when it comes to heading back to the office.

Sharing is Not Caring

An abundance of caution must go into each and every seating chart and while unassigned seating was gaining popularity, employers who choose this route must rethink their reservation systems in order to account for safety, utilization, and schedules.

Do Not Disturb

One interesting take away from WFM life is the increasing value of privacy. Whether their home offices were in dedicated rooms or makeshift spaces, employees feel that in order to be productive in their new workspaces, they must have some semblance of privacy.

Inside and Out

Both pre and post pandemic trends have shown that employees who spend a portion of their work week outside the office report higher workplace satisfaction, engagement, and commitment and for employers, that means crafting a new hybrid approach.

As a result, Artisan has arrived at the idea of resimercial design. Clients should feel as though they’re in a space of their choosing, when at work. Cafe-type spaces—somewhere in between the home and office—will accompany informal areas that function as office spaces but feel like home, while Artisan’s upcoming furniture line will be customized with commercial-rated fabrics and ergonomic intent. In short, Artisan spaces are where you want to work, plain and simple.