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Advising in a Post-Pandemic World | Work from … Where?!

When in Doubt, Choose Change!

The number of workers quitting their jobs hit record highs in November 2021, with 4.5 million people voluntarily resigning in the US, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report. The workplace is certainly changing and Artisan is excited to be a part of its next chapter.  Companies are scrambling to figure out how to not only attract talent, but retain and develop it in the wake of the pandemic fueled “Great Resignation”.   The solution according to Artisan’s experienced brokerage team? Flexibility and innovation.

WFH? Hybrid? More space, less space, no space? Help!! 

Don’t worry, Artisan’s experienced brokerage team is advising clients across various industries on their post-pandemic return to the office.  Based on your concerns and current space configuration, they will work with you on the ideal workplace strategy then help you find it and implement it.  What makes Artisan different from other advisors? The brokerage team works in collaboration with its in-house design, furniture and project management teams to transform both physical and virtual office spaces.  Artisan creates environments that employees want to go to and want to be in. The team is confident if companies embrace change, flexibility and innovation we will all be entering the “Great Return” soon.

Meet Artisan Brokerage

Leading Artisan’s brokerage team is Co-Founder and COO, Sarah Pontius. Sarah is a seasoned industry veteran with over 18 years experience of deal structuring and transacting across NYC’s commercial real estate industry. Georgina Cook is VP of Brokerage Services with over 7 years experience at the two largest brokerage firms worldwide and manages the client relationship through the brokerage process, overseeing the market research efforts, negotiations and deal closings. Brokerage Services Associate, Carleigh Bettiol, supports deals and client relationships, internal coordination across the business lines, as well as Artisan’s social media presence. They’re a dynamic group ready to find you the perfect space. Are you ready to work with the Artisan team? Click here to take our 5 minute quiz and get started today.